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Overview Crisis management is the procedure by which companies or organisations deal with troublesome and unexpected events that threaten and …





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Crisis management is the procedure by which companies or organisations deal with troublesome and unexpected events that threaten and harm the organisation and its stakeholders.However, unexpected crisis and disruption is very common in everyday life and mostly in the business field.Stuff can and will go wrong  and those situations are ultimately inevitable. In these cases, the efficacy of the risk reduction developed and the competence of those managing them determine the result.If any business confidently manages any crisis confidently then they enjoy self-administered policy of the greatest value. This innovative Crisis Management course is designed for anyone hoping to take benefit of the increasingly global market for specialists in the area,and  for those who are already employed in this area, seeking to brush up their skills and develop their career with a valued credential. Being aware of any risks, carrying out an assessment, and reacting accordingly is essential and takes not only instruction but also practice. Those who practice the detailed art of crisis management are vital business assets without which no company can function comfortably. 

Who is this course for? 

You can be an experienced professional or a sector enthusiast; the Crisis Management course will enhance your expertise and add to your CV. The course will give you all the knowledge and accreditation you have to attest to your expertise and advance your career.

Learning Objectives: 

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to: 
  • Identify potential risks and know what kind of risks an organization can face. 
  • Understand The role of a crisis manager in a broader organization. 
  • Discuss crisis management principles. 
  • Get a good insight into quantitative and qualitative crisis assessment. 
  • Assess the threats and risks; take into account the worse scenarios. 
  • Know how emergency plans can be developed and implemented. 
  • Create a strategy and action plan for crisis communication. 
  • Know external and internal risk management factors. 

Why Choose Crisis Management from Knowledge Dock?

  • You can access it from every location on the planet.
  • Expertly crafted by the professionals.
  • Comprehensive evaluation method.
  • Since it's self-paced, you'll have no trouble catching up.
  • Straightforward and readable.
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  • There are no payments or terms that are not disclosed.

Entry Requirement:

There are hardly any specific prerequisites for this course/training since it does not demand any advanced understanding or expertise. The following conditions must be met by students who wish to enrol in this course:
  • A reasonable grasp of the English language
  • Awareness of Computers
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  • Must be animated and self-motivated

Assessment Method

To test your understanding, you must take an automated multiple-choice exam after finishing all of the modules. To pass the exam and be qualified for endorsed and CPD approved certificates, you must obtain at least 60%. You will be eligible to ask for your certification as soon as you accomplish the test.


CPD Certification You will be eligible for a CPD Certificate from Knowledge Dock after effectively passing the MCQ evaluation for this course. It will serve as evidence of your widespread professional growth. The certificate comes in PDF format, which is totally free. You can also request a printed version. And it will be delivered to you by courier only for £15.

Career path

This course provides you with a completely new way to reach the related job market. It allows you to gain in-depth experience as well as the necessary expertise to become successful in no time. It will also offer you the maximum degree of trust in your ability to develop yourself and strengthen your abilities. You'll be able to improve your career and grow more successful in your desired field by adding new abilities to your CV.

This Course Includes:

Course Duration
7 hours
Course Access
1 year
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion

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  1. Nice course for all


    this is really very good experience and overall course content nice. Thanks!


    • Module 01: What is Crisis Management? 00:30:00
    • Module 02: Training Leaders and Staff 00:25:00
    • Module 03: Conducting the Crisis Audit 00:30:00
    • Module 04: Performing a Risk Level Analysis 00:20:00
    • Module 05: Developing a Response Process 00:25:00
    • Module 06: Consulting with the Experts 00:20:00
    • Module 07: Incident Management Techniques 00:30:00
    • Module 08: Working through the Issues 01:00:00
    • Module 09: Establishing an Emergency Operations Centre 00:25:00
    • Module 10: Building Business Continuity and Recovery 00:40:00
    • Module 11: Walliallia 00:50:00
    • Module 12: Recovering and Moving On 00:25:00
    • Mock Exam: Crisis Management 00:20:00
    • Final Exam: Crisis Management 00:20:00

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