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Get yourself trained on this well-known ancient hair removal procedure, which has been utilized by top-class women for thousands of …





3 hours, 10 minutes





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Get yourself trained on this well-known ancient hair removal procedure, which has been utilized by top-class women for thousands of years in Asia and the Middle East. For delicate skin, it is the perfect solution to waxing and tweezing. Threading is a widely common service and you can become self-employed or function in a salon by this course to earn money. The applicants in this threading training program will gain specific details about the beauty therapy industry, such as how to correctly thread, and will be granted training abilities that are highly regarded in the beauty therapy field. Including Threading, it is expected that learners would have a solid understanding of facial procedures and skin, allowing them to have greater proficiency for various styles of skins and their maintenance. When you wish to transform yourself into an effective beauty practitioner, threading must be part of your routine. This class can also be instrumental in helping you expand your beauty company. Besides, the course is indeed really useful for those who wish to monitor and maintain track of their beauty.

Who is this course for?

Our course material is primarily aimed at individuals over the age of 16 years. This training is suitable for beginners, who are at the novice stage, and for professional therapists at the advanced level.

Learning objectives

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to:
  • Learn a great deal about threading, like whether and how it is helpful.
  • Understand the best strategies for salon grooming, protection, and infection prevention.
  • Be updated about the numerous threading methods and be instructed on how to perform threading properly.
  • Attempt to think about numerous threading materials and equipment.
  • Have outstanding customer support to understand how to meet your clients' desires.
  • Become a makeup industry expert fast, and start their own beauty company.

This Course Includes:

Course Duration
3 hours, 10 minutes
Course Access
1 year
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion

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  1. Jonathan Glover21 June 2021 at 11:05 am

    Great Course!


    Not like the other ordinary courses.

  2. Outstanding!


    Never underextimate the power of this course.

  3. Marvelous!


    Some parts are truly so useful that you remember them while threading


    • Module 01: Rules and Regulations that You Must Respect and Follow for Your Customers and for Yourself 00:50:00
    • Module 02: Professional Code of Ethics 00:30:00
    • Module 03: How to Managing Personal Hygiene 00:20:00
    • Module 04: Elaborate about Contra-indications with Examples 00:15:00
    • Module 05: Anatomy & Physiology (The Skin & Hair) 00:25:00
    • Module 06: Understanding the History of Threading 00:10:00
    • Module 07: Understanding about the Products and Equipment of Threading 00:10:00
    • Module 08: How to Carry out Discussion and Prepare Yourself Before Starting the Treatment 00:10:00
    • Module 09: The Process of Threading 00:10:00
    • Module 10: Aftercare to Avoid Further Complications 00:10:00

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